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Jack Morris took a leap of faith five years ago after waking up one morning and deciding he craved an adventure far greater than what he was currently experiencing. 

Tired of his mundane routine as a carpet cleaner in Manchester, UK, the 26-year-old booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok, and it turns out it was the best decision of his life!

'Five years ago I impulsively decided to quit my 9 – 5 job,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 

'It was literally waking up one morning and I wanted to try something different. I flew out on my own with no plan and just wanted to see what came at me.' 

Jack and his equally talented girlfriend Lauren Bullen, are now both world-renowned travel bloggers and Instagram stars earning six figure salaries and reaping the benefits that come with the lifestyle. 

But it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows for Jack. 

There were times the 26-year-old was struggling for money, but after 2 years of travel, things began to look up when he bought a camera and used his experiences around photography to create his blog Doyoutravel

'I basically created it to share my experiences, it wasn't about making money. I didn't expect to make money or for it to blow up. But that created my new career.' 

Nine months ago, Jack met Lauren and the adventurous pair gravitated towards each other. 

'Four years into travelling I met Lauren, which is about nine months ago. 

'We were on a beach in Fiji and we pretty much hit it off straight away.'  

Australian Lauren Bullen, from Lennox Head in New South Wales, is a self taught photographer and runs the Gypsea Lust blog. 

The 23-year-old embodies the travel, fashion and lifestyle mantra showcasing the most incredible destinations around the world. 

Combining their Instagram blogs, Jack and Lauren have more than 2.5 million followers. 

Jack said in the last nine months since the pair met, Lauren has gained more than 700,000 and he has benefited from more than half a million. 

'I think it was because it was mixing the photography up with Lauren and people enjoy seeing a couple and it works for us,' he said. 

While they are now based in Bali, the pair constantly travel the world showcasing the globe's most desirable destinations and painting them in an even better light.

The pair have taken a dip in the pristine waters of Greece, enjoyed the food in Italy and France, taken a stroll on the Great Wall of China, braved the mountains of Kenya and even camped out in vastness of the Sahara desert. 

But their joint favourite location was basking in the aura of the ancient pillar city of Cappadocia in Turkey. 

Jack is now very grateful to be able to do what he loves, as a job, with his new found partner. 

'It is almost a dream. Being able to do what I want every day is nice.' 

'It is ideal, I never really expected to find someone I could share this with, so it worked out really well.' 

Jack admitted both of them are perfectionists when it comes to shooting and editing the perfect picture. 

However, the trick to their photography is keeping it as authentic as possible. 

'We try to create a situations that are authentic based around what we do.' 

'For example, Lauren and I woke up in a tree house surrounded by nature this morning and I posted it.

'Basically we are showing people what we do in a way of art. Every photo we post is real.' 

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