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The Matiasma or Mati (μάτι ματάκι) is an ancient curse which has become a central part of Greek culture. It is thought that eyes were a source of deadly rays and saw all the wickedness in the world.  This belief of the evil eye is so prevalent that it exists in some form within the Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu cultures.

Ever felt weak or nauseous, with no logical explanation? Have unexplainable headaches or a string of bad luck?
If so, you may have had the Mati. Basically, your good fortune is effected by someone else’s negativity resulting in psychological or physical misfortune. This means a glare by someone with negative intensions towards you has summoned this curse with feelings like anger, jealousy or envy. This transfer of negative energy can be given by getting too much attention, success or fortune resulting in malicious praise or admiration. It’s as simple as someone complementing you on your awesome summer skin and then waking up the next day with a huge pimple. Not to worry this is where the eye charm comes to great use.

The mataki is the pendant used to eliminate the bad vibes. Wearing the charm is said to prevent the curse from happening at all. The process of warding the spirits away is called Xematiasma made up of a specific set of rituals which are protected secrets. Compared to other methods, include spitting and throwing salt over your shoulder, the mataki is a simpler way to protect yourself without causing a mess.

But why use an eye symbol to fight off the Mati?
This idea arises from the eye-to-eye notion to destroy an evil glance. The ultimate method of strength to face fears head on. It’s like how fighting fire with fire neutralising the forces, as the eye reflects the evil back to the onlooker, it wards off the negative repercussions.

The eye is simple, iconic and stylish which has led to it’s ridiculous popularity. Plus, the fact that it’s made as a bracelet, charm, anklet, necklace, ring or basically any other jewellery or item you want. Put your mataki on keys or hang it in your car as a symbol of good luck or a constant travel withdrawal reminder. As they are inexpensive, they make a perfect souvenir for yourself or gift to bring back to friends and family. 

Whether you are a believer or not, you can appreciate the history and culture of the evil eye. The blue and white Matiki, not only provides Mati protection, but is a symbol of good vibes and simplistic beauty. A great reminder of gorgeous Greece to wear all summer long to match with our Mediterranean “Amalfi” shorts. Shop Here


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