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An overweight teenager has secured a modelling contract after losing more than half his body weight, realising he needed to make a change and start working out.

Ilija Rajkovcevic, a student from Macedonia weighed 150 kilos when he decided he needed to make a serious life change and start exercising to prevent serious health problems.

In less than a year, Ilija lost an amazing 90 kilos and transformed himself into a muscle bound model.

Ilija said he decided to turn his life around when he realised he could not bear to look at his 26-stone body in the mirror any more, as well as being bullied by kids at his school.

I could not look myself in the mirror and look at myself sinking further, lonely with food . From that day, I have been going to the gym every day, and fitness and practice became my way of life.

Now Ilija’s days are spent in the gym sculpting his physique and eating healthily so he doesn’t pile the pounds back on.

But working out hasn’t just given Ilija physical strength, it’s also improved his mental strength and his outlook on life.

He explained: 

"I have been lonely my entire life, a target of jokes and mockery of others. One day, I told myself, that’s enough. Finally, I was mentally prepared to cope with my kilograms, and I became mentally stronger as they melted. Today I am a completely different man, full of confidence and self belief".

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