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The Staple of Stripes

In case you didn’t know, the trend of stripes has been ruling the fashion world for decades, and Vacay Swimwear has you sorted. The bold pattern is a staple to compliment any outfit, either paired with another pattern for a striking statement, or worn with a white tee or linen shirt for a faultless match. The difference between thickness of stripes varies when complimenting each body type, as vertical stripes can appear you to be taller, slimmer and leaner... who doesn’t want that?

Seen from Vacay Swimwear’s three popular patterns, The Hamptons, Mykonos and Monte Carlo, we have you sorted that you’ll be looking your best this Vacay season.


Colours For Your Skin Tone

You may have noticed how specific colour tones of your favourite clothing can impact your overall appearance, either making you stand or washed out. If you’re someone who tans easily, you have a warmer skin tone and earthy colour tones such as oranges, reds, pinks and yellows will look great against that European like summer tan. Or, if you’re someone who’s prone to burning when stepping out in your Vacay’s, all blues, greens, purples and pastel tones will do wonders for you. Or, you have the best of both worlds and may be neutral toned being able to rock both.



From the islands of Bali to the Mediterranean Coast

Vacay’s three popular patterns, The Hamptons, Mykonos and Monte Carlo, are worn by Vacay men from across the globe. Each providing them with the confidence to look their best and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Vacay Swimwear’s most popular pattern, The Hamptons, compliments both skin tones and is the pattern you’ll be pulling out every Summer. A timeless piece featuring thin pencil stripes can be seen across all shores globally.

The Mykonos, A Vacay favourite, features a pastel blue wider band stripe, drawing in those warmer skin tones. Mentioned on our previous blog post, The Mykonos stripes are paired perfectly with a white shirt for the ultimate European summer vibe.

Another pastel favourite, The Monte Carlo, featuring a salmon and white medium width stripe looks great on those cooler skin tones, while also complimenting those warmer skin tones making that tan pop.


Written by Isabelle Prestia and photography by Kevin Roldan

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