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Vacay: Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Sarah, and I work in the travel industry for a company that focuses on travel within Australia.

Vacay: Where is one of your favourite places to travel in the world and why? 

Ohhhh there are so many places I have loved travelling to that it’s hard to pick. The one that springs to mind though is Japan. I went there with one of my closest mates and we just had the best time. It really has something for everyone.

Vacay: What is the one thing about Japan that you fell in love with? 

The food! I don’t think we ate a bad meal the whole time we were there. Everything is prepared meticulously and presented so beautifully.  The Japanese take a lot of pride in their cuisine and ensure it reflects their culture and history.

Vacay: What was your favourite thing to do while you were there? 

Apart from eating, the people watching is amazing. You head down to the Takeshita Dori, the main street in Harajuku and the fashion is out of this world! The girls (and guys) wear the most colourful, bright and crazy outfits. I love that anything goes. The Japanese have a great sense of style!

Vacay: What are some tips you have for those heading to Japan this summer? 

If you're planning on travelling all over Japan invest in a Japan rail pass before you go. They're pricey but worth it and you can only purchase them prior to arriving in Japan.  The train network is very user friendly and the Shinkansen/bullet train is a lot of fun. Also, even though there is so much to do in Japan, try to leave a few days free to just explore – I tend to discover the best gems when I'm just walking around a new neighbourhood.

Vacay: your top 3 places to eat? 

Tough one! The Ninja Akasaka was so much fun, I won't say any more but if you're going to Japan book it in. If your budget allows, enjoy a wagyu steak in Osaka, you've been warned though, they can be very expensive! The Tsukiji fish markets – apart from having some of the best sashimi I've ever had, also has a great atmosphere.  That all being said, I also had some amazing dishes from hole in the wall sushi restaurants.

Vacay: your top 3 bars/ clubs? 

There is an area in Shinjuku called Golden Gai which has lots of different bars, some that only seat 3-4 people. We were lucky to meet some locals who took us bar hopping in Tokyo, so I guess some good advice is chat to the locals as they have the inside goss. 

Vacay: Where do you recommend staying? 

We mixed it up and stayed in a few different styles of accommodation which I think was actually a great way to do it. We stayed in Airbnbs, hotels, a traditional ryokan in Kyoto and on our last few nights in Tokyo we stayed at a Hello Kitty themed room which was hilarious!

Vacay: And lastly, where to next? 

I would love my next big trip to be to Canada or South America. There are so many places I would love to visit though so that’s a hard question.

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