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Despite its heaving head count, LA is a city indelibly tied to mighty Mother Nature. Here, dense, vibrant neighbourhoods back onto golden beaches, city streets lead up to flower-carpeted hillsides, and huge, deep-blue skies are an IMAX screen for lingering sunsets made to pierce your heart.
Vacay recently sat down with photographer Kevin Roldan to talk about his love and appreciation for the City of Angels.
Vacay: Tell us a bit about yourself!
Kevin: Hey, Everyone :) My name is Kevin Roldan. I’m a first generation, Filipino-American, soaking up the good life here in LA, as a men’s fashion photographer :)
Vacay: How long have you lived in LA?
Kevin: I’ve lived in LA now for four years and this year will be my fifth year. 
Vacay:  What is it about LA that you fell in love with?
Kevin: To me, wherever you are, it’s always going to be about the people. LA is the hub of dreamers. It’s the city that draws in all the creatives into one locale. So, just by being in the vicinity, you’re living in the momentum of creativity and dream-chasing. I love the fact that connecting with people in LA cultures you because everyone is so diverse. 
Vacay: What is your favourite thing to do in the city?
Kevin: My personal favourite thing to do in the city is create provoking images with beautiful humans. We’re all longing to feel something, and connecting with other creatives enables me to capture photos that let viewers into that moment. Recreationally, obvvvviously I’m a sucker for a good beach day ;)

Vacay: Favourite restaurant?
Kevin: West Hollywood.... FRESH CORN GRILL. Everyone in LA are fitness freaks!!! They love their healthy menus, and Fresh Corn Grill is the perfect spot for something delicious.
Vacay: Favourite beach?
Kevin: This one is easy. It’s in Malibu, and it’s called El Matador.
Vacay: Travel tips for anyone heading to LA for the first time
Kevin: Have a car. Be patient. And throw time out the window!!!!!!! There’s so much to do, see and eat, it takes times to explore it all.
Vacay: Describe LA in 5 words
Kevin: Magical. Chill. Beautiful. Challenging. Perfect.
To see more of Kevin Roldan and his photography follow his Instagram

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