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Vacay: Tell us a bit about yourself! 

Hey, my name is Elle and I’m 29 years old. I studied Writing and Creative Communication at University. I now work for Virgin Australia as ground crew and absolutely love it. Being in the travel industry has opened my eyes to the true meaning of travel, culture and discovering not only places and people but myself also. My desire to travel has lead me to photography and writing. I thoroughly enjoy taking photos and writing about my experiences.


Vacay: Where are you from and what brought you to Rhodes?

I am from little old Adelaide, SA. Adelaide is home for me and always will be. Given that I am Australian/Greek, I was fortunate enough to have a family vacation back in 2013 to Greece, Rhodes where my Dad is from. I wasn’t familiar with the island nor the village but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love it. Since then I have been four time and spent many summers there.


Vacay:  What is the one thing about Rhodes that you fell in love with?

Wow, thats a really tough question and almost impossible to answer. I love the whole island, and of course the people. Any travel and holiday experience always depends on the company, not only were my travel partners amazing every single time I’ve been, but the people we met in the villages made my trips even more memorable too. The beaches have the clearest waters I have ever seen, I just love the endless summer vibe that Rhodes portrays.


Vacay: What was your favourite thing to do while you were there? 

My favourite thing to do would have to be beaching it every single day. These islands were made for spending hours and hours there. They have beach beds with beach waiters delivering frappes and food & alcohol upon request. I could never ever get bored of it. My favourite beach is in South Rhodes called Mea Terra, just visit and you'll know why. 



Vacay: What are some tips you have for those heading to Rhodes this summer?

A few tips for Rhodes, first and foremost - hire a car. Getting from one side of the island to the other is possible, but having a car makes it so much easier. There's so much to do on the island and a lot of it is spread out. To get the full experience, having a car helps achieve this!

Definitely visit the old town for shopping, and Lindos for beaches, eating and its nightlife. Take your time and let the car take you wherever, anywhere you end up you won’t be disappointed. Spend at least a week in Rhodes (or months) anything less wouldn’t be worth it. Lastly - I would recommend going in August. The island is still busy and still hot but you're avoiding major crowds at this time.


Vacay: Your top 3 places to eat?

It's so hard to break down because you are never disappointed with food in Rhodes, but for something a little more fine dining with an amazing view, I would recommend Dionysos restaurant located in Lindos. It's a rooftop restaurant overlooking the whole village and the Lindos castle in the background which is all lit up almost like a mini Athens. Further down, (South Rhodes) a couple of my favourite restaurants are Mama’s Kitchen - located in Gennadi which is the village that I’m from and Platanos Taverna - hidden in another tiny village called Lachania.



Vacay: Your top 3 bars/clubs?

Thats easy, ARCHES! Arches is an open air club located in the cliffs of Lindos, it starts getting busy around 2am and closes early hours of the morning. You can also watch the sunrise off the oceans horizon from the club, it's epic and one of my favourite things to do. I spent most of my weekends here, they play a diverse range of music and have table service also. If you’re looking for more greek music, Soho Bar is also great. 


Vacay: Where do you recommend staying?

It really depends on the holiday you’re looking for. Every year I stay in the village where I am from, obviously this wouldn’t be beneficial for people who have never visited the island before so I would say the best places to stay in which everything is close (shopping, bars, restaurants, history) would be Lindos and Old Town Rhodes. Lindos is great for the beach vibe, while Old Town Rhodes is more of a city vibe. The views are spectacular and the location is just perfect for all your holiday needs!


Vacay: And lastly, where to next?

Easy, Rhodes. 


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