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You’ll either love or hate Santorini. Its magnet, the multicoloured cliffs that soar above the sea-drowned caldera, are amazing indeed. The main towns of Fira and Oia – a snow-drift of white Cycladic houses that line the cliff tops and spill like icy cornices down the terraced rock – will take your breath away. And then there’s the sunsets, the glorious sunsets.
Vacay recently sat down with photographer and travel enthusiast Tom Grimbert, to chat about his recent experiences traveling to the famous greek island.

Vacay: Tell us a bit about yourself!
Tom: I am a French photographer living in Moscow, Russia. I focus mostly on travel and street photography which is a big hobby of mine. I have a part time office job, but my true passion its to travel and discover new places as often as I can. 
Vacay: Where are you from and what brought you to Santorini?
Tom: I’m originally from a quiet place in the north of France, I then moved to Moscow in Russia for personal and professional reasons. I decided on a trip to Santorini at the very last minute when I was having some down time in my life and thought that I needed relaxation and some good sun... so I chose Santorini. I organised plane tickets immediately and off we went (my family also). The trip to Santorini isn't too far from Moscow, with a brief stop over in Athens. It's also quite affordable, which made Santorini the perfect gateway for a few days. 


Vacay:  What is it one thing about Santorini that you fell in love with?
Tom: Well, it's no doubt Santorini offers the best sunset in the world. So, admiring the sunset from the small village of Oia, a small city located at the extreme north part of the Island was absolutely breath taking. It seems everything turns orange, then purple and finally blue for the when the sun starts to fade for the day. It’s an outstanding light show that I fell in love with.
Vacay: What was your favourite thing to do while you were there?
Tom: I loved to walk in the cities and admire the incredible architecture of Santorini. I have traveled quite a lot in my life, but i've truly never seen something as unique as this island. The architecture of small cities like Oia, the colours of the houses - orange, white, blue, which mixes with the deep blue of the sea. It’s just amazing.
Vacay: What are some tips you have for those heading to Santorini this summer?
Tom: Wake up early with the sun and go visit the streets of Oia. As the sun gets higher, it gets hotter, crowded with people and the bright lights begin to make it difficult to capture great photos (photographer problems) and enjoy the island properly. Also make sure you stay out till the end of the day for the beautiful sunset, the great food and the warm evening atmosphere.

Vacay: What types of foods did you eat?
Tom: A lot of meat cooked recipes, beautiful greek salads, freshly fished seafood and also the basic but perfect Pita and Souvlaki.
Vacay: Describe Santorini in 5 words
Tom: Romantic, Colourful, Peaceful, Idyllic, Warm :)

For more of Tom's photography check out his Instagram


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